English Summary

The launch

With the launch of this knowledge sharing BLOG the Amsterdam Historical Museum (AHM) starts the development of Significant Sights (in Dutch: Plaatsen van Betekenis). Significant Sights is an online database with information on cultural, historical and national heritage sites and a European cross-medial platform for heritage promotion.

Significant Sights initiates a network of professional and expert-amateur users to co-create a ‘Guide Michelin’ for the modern traveler with an interest in art, culture and history throughout Europe.

Significant Sights is an activity intended for AHM to be more active in places and platforms outside the physical form of the museum building.
The AHM develops the project in collaboration with, and supported by fellow institutions, market participants and the general public.

Significant Sights is an initiative of Menno Heling (Buro Menno Heling) and Pieter de Nijs (Etant Donnes).

Online platform

Significant Sights aims to inspire a wider range of people to discover, visit and (virtually) experience sites of cultural and historical significance by means of its online platform. Significant Sights shows the public the way towards objects in archives and collections and connects them to physical locations. An important part of the 403 Forbidden project is the multilingual website with descriptions of sites; the content of this website includes articles, background information and an agenda of upcoming events.

Pilots and communities

The platform will develop three pilots, including one on the Amsterdam canals. The pilots will be supported by several innovative mobile applications: a route planner with cultural and historical information, a location-based application for smart-phones, and a travel search engine producing a personal travel guide for users.

Significant Sights aims to develop a community for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs who will be able to contribute to the content of the project.


The website is intended for a wide audience: professionals, expert-amateurs, enthusiasts and cultural tourists. Significant Sights presents itself explicitly as a link between heritage institutions (museums, archives, libraries, tourist industry) and

403 Forbidden

people with interests in art, culture and history.


The project starts mid November 2010, but is open for input and suggestions from the heritage sector through this blog.

With this blog, Significant Sights offers room for co-operation, (co-creation) but also provides insight into the different developing phases of this innovative project. Significant Sights was granted a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Education and

Science. The AHM will act as administrator during the two year long pilot.